About us


Hi-Deas Expedient Solutions Limited is a fast growing ICT company, providing hi-tech business services that helps small, medium and large organization achieve digital transformation.

We break information and communication boundaries, automate business processes and sales.

Today there are many businesses that could be more productive if only they can apply ICT in their processes but the fear of embracing new methods, keeps them far from maximizing potentials. The entrance of technology in business creates new ways and opens the eyes to see where more input is required to meet business goals. At Hi-Deas Expedient Solutions Limited, we want to help businesses achieve this great transformation.


To be a world class IT Company that proactively uses technology to simplify highly technical business processes and operations and bringing high return to stakeholders


To break information and communication boundaries through digitization: focusing on VoIP telephony, computing, cloud storage, document scanning and management, and also automate business and sales processes using Internet of things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligent (AI) solutions

Our Story

Since 2017, we have helped businesses setup call centers at their premises, relieved pain staking tele customer retention, and acquisition by providing a world class contact center services (BPO); helped many medium and large organizations transform their IT processes through our business process outsourcing (BPO), and build over 800 new office IT infrastructures across Africa.


Uchenna Obere

Technical Consultant

Daniel Okeke

Head, Sales & Marketing

Bright Okona

Head, Software Development

Kenechi Onyiah

Project Manager